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From walls to tables and everything in between, Getinge has created a Hybrid OR infrastructure for angiography rooms as well for CT and MRI Hybrid rooms that is second to none. The elements complement each other for seamless interaction and an ergonomic user experience.

Versatile hybrid operating tables suit all surgical disciplines

The MAGNUS carbon fiber table top is suited to all cardiovascular, endovascular and neurovascular interventions to maximize utilization; a modular universal table top supports a wide range of positions across multiple disciplines. Numerous radiolucent and metal-free accessories are available, making the MAGNUS system significantly more versatile.

Imaging integration for functionality and safety

The Maquet MAGNUS table is integrated into a number of angiography systems, including Allura Xper family from Philips; Siemens Artis Q zeego, Artis Q Ceiling and Artis pheno; Infinix-i from Toshiba Medical; and Discovery IGS 730 from GE. The table and imaging system communicate bi-directionally, eliminating the possibility of collisions. This integration also makes it possible to preserve the isocenter when the position of the C-arm or table is adjusted.

Modular room elements customize all aspects of the Hybrid OR

Our modular room and ceiling elements allow hospitals to design every aspect of the operating room in line with their requirements. They can be quickly assembled and disassembled without the use of specialized tools, minimizing downtime due to construction. VARIOP fully meets all construction requirements in terms of fire, radiation and sound insulation, and its surfaces can withstand any hospital approved cleaning agents and disinfectants. Individual elements are sealed to the substructure for effective pressure regulation. Plus, a wide selection of available colors and prints is perfect for creating an appealing environment that improves the experience for patient and clinician alike.

Advanced surgical lighting for precise, shadow-free illumination

Maquet lights set standards of illumination quality, safety, convenience and operational efficiency for a variety of minimally invasive and open interventions. OR teams benefit from optimal illumination of the operative field, thanks to the advanced shadow management system. The special extended arm for hybrid treatment provides a wide range of motion and ensures effortless positioning of the light head over the operating table.

Save space and create order with ceiling supply units

Ceiling supply units (CSUs) help hospitals and room planners balance the need for a small foot- print with capacity and load requirements. They save space, create a more orderly and ergonomic working environment, streamline workflows and increase efficiency to further enhance the multidisciplinary use of the OR. By moving cables and devices from the floor to the ceiling, doctors benefit from better access to the patient. A wide variety of distribution modules, extensions and optional accessories makes it easy to configure CSUs in line with specific surgical teams’ needs in respect to the workflow around the OR field. The ceiling devices can be placed and proofed according to the Maquet Matrix design to avoid collisions.

Reducing complexity with OR integration

TEGRIS is the all-in-one operating center for the Hybrid OR. It reduces complexity by bringing together image and video management, documentation, device and room operation on a single user-friendly interface — improving efficiency, ergonomics and safety. Flexible image and video routing broadens OR usability while reducing the number of monitors required. Presets for routing configurations help accelerate changeover time between patients. Hospitals can use TEGRIS to digitally record data in the standardized DICOM format, archive it in the central PACS system, and stream video to seminar rooms or lecture halls.

Advanced ventilator performance and anesthesia delivery in one

Maquet’s FLOW-i brings advanced ICU ventilator performance and anesthesia delivery together in one easy-to-use, patient-friendly unit. The modular and ergonomic FLOW-i system enables clinicians to continuously adapt and improve anesthesia care to maintain stable respiratory conditions. FLOW-i is flexible and adaptable across the widest range of patient groups, including pediatric patients and those with acute respiratory demands. For MRI Hybrid Rooms, the ventilator will be the SERVO-i MR, which can be used in MR rooms and for the transport from the MR to the ICU.

A proven complete perfusion system

The Maquet HL 20 heart-lung machine meets and exceeds the highest requirements for perfusion technology. It combines superior technology needed for cardiopulmonary surgery with clear and concise handling necessary for safe and effective patient management. The HL 20 is offered in a range of configurations that meet the demanding needs of clinicians. All controls and monitors are managed from a central panel for the ultimate in user-friendly operation.

Partners in effective care

Getinge works closely with external partners to offer a broader range of tools for your Hybrid OR installation. These tools include navigation systems, endoscopy, microscopes, mobile CTs and more. Ask your Getinge representative for more information.